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The Farm Baseball Academy will focus on players 7-18 years old. Classes, Camps and Instruction are all set for appropriate age and skill training.  The Baseball Academy will cover all aspects of Baseball from beginning basic concept to advanced level training. This will not be limited to physical training, but include the mental approach to the game, as well as a direct focus on confidence and self belief within the game. 


Beginning Baseball: This class is designed for young players just starting the game. Here players will learn the basic fundamentals of the game of Baseball. Including Hitting, Fielding, Base Running, Catch and Throw and Basic Theory. In addition a core focus is just not learning the game but a positive fun experience to peak interest and explore if baseball is a sport the student athlete may enjoy in the future. 

Hitting Instruction, is designed for players of all ages and skill level. Classes will focus on Basic, Intermediate and Advanced hitting.  Classes will be broken up by skill and age level.

* Basic: Introduction to hitting focusing on the core fundamentals of hitting a baseball.

* Intermediate: Building on the core fundamentals introducing hitting theory, plate approach, pitch recognition.

* Advanced: Focusing heavily on hitting theory, understanding of pitch selection and approach, as well as a focused approach of situational hitting. 

Defensive Instruction, is designed for all ages and skill level. Classes are broken up by age and skill level. Defensive instruction will include infield and outfield technique in addition a strong focus on understanding how to play all positions on the field. In any situation having a full understanding of the game will only increase the likelihood of success at a higher level. 

* Infield Instruction: Focusing on infield technique, hands, footwork, ground balls, fly balls and conditioned coordination. Teaching players to play all positions within the infield to create a versatile athletic player. 

* Outfield Instruction:  Focusing on footwork, ball angles and tracking, understanding cut offs , crow hops, with a focus on athletic quick mobility while in motion. 

* Catching Instruction: Being a catcher is just not being a great athlete physically but mentally. Catching instruction will focus on blocking, receiving, lateral movement, flexibility, balance, in addition understanding the game from a catcher perspective. 

* Pitching Instruction: Pitchers will focus on the appropriate mechanics of pitching, arm health and recovery and body conditioning with an emphasis on healthy pitching to avoid over usage and injury. 


Current Available Classes

*     Spring Hitting Session: 5 weeks to get ready for Spring Baseball. Classes are offered Saturday Mornings 9am,10am,11am based on number and ages.  Cost $150.00 Per Player.  Dates: Saturdays: March 9th,March 16th, March 23rd, March 30th, April 6th  Click Here To Register: 

*    Spring Catching Session: 5 week fundamental class focusing blocking, receiving, conditioning in preparation for Spring Baseball. Cost $150.00 Per Player. INFO COMING SOON.