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The ATHLETE Training Program is designed whole heartedly with the foundation of training the whole student athlete. By this we mean strength, speed, agility, flexibility, athleticism, academic responsibility and social awareness leading to the outcome of an increased awareness of self and confidence. 


The Sports Training Program is designed for student athletes of all skills, ages and abilities. Whether you are a multi-sport athlete or focus on a single sport there is an academy for you. The focus of the academies is simple. Increase your skill level, increase your self confidence and become a better  student athlete!

Adult Training

The Farms Sports and Performance Training center is not just for the young athlete.  As humans we want to live the best life we can and an integral part of that is feeling good just not physically but mentally.  Physical health increases mental health which in turn produces positive outcomes in every day functioning. Today more than ever adults are turning to physical training to live their best life.  The focus of all Adult Training is functional training to help stay active and fit in our everyday journeys. Contact

3664 South 5200 West SLC, UT 84120