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Hey Everyone hope your spring has been amazing! 

We have had a lot of people ask when we are going to put out our summer workouts registration.  Well I am happy to tell you it is live and we are taking new members for our summer training. The summer training will take place in the AM. Classes will be Monday-Saturday in the morning hours starting Monday June 3rd. There will also be limited classes available in the evening. Classes will focus on: Hitting, Fielding, Pitching, Catching, Speed, Strength and Conditioning, Mental Performance 

Players will have the opportunity to attend as much or as little as they would like by conveniently signing up for classes on our Zen Planner App. This is a great way to keep your player moving during the summer and not sitting on the couch playing video games or mindlessly scrolling on their phone! By being productive focusing on a skill set as well as seeing an increase in ability we hope to bring just not a physical increase to the players game but as importantly feeling confident that they can go out and compete. Athletics are getting more and more competitive each and every year. Rather we like it or not, the fact is the skilled player makes the team.  We look forward to working with your players this summer.  Please let me know if you have any questions. 

* Memberships will go live on the App May 25th. Which will allow you to start registering for classes starting June 3rd.  

* We are accepting a limited number of athletes. This camp will sell out. 




Welcome to the Farm Sports and Performance Baseball Training Facility. We are focused on building the complete student athlete. The Farm Baseball Academy is open to players who are interested in coordinated programmed workouts. We are not an open gym facility where you pay and work out on your own. All classes and workouts are conducted by our staff. Our focus is on Academic Monitoring, Skill Set Attainment, Mental Performance Training, with an increased focus on Strength, Speed, Agility and Mobility.  Please let us know if you have any questions. You can contact us at 

The Farm Baseball Academy

The Baseball Academy Training Program is designed for student athletes looking for advanced and regular training. The Program focuses directly on Fielding, Hitting, Pitching, Strength and Conditioning In addition to increasing Baseball IQ, Self Confidence, Mental Performance as well as increasing academic awareness to create the complete student athlete! All students will work directly with our staff each and every day engaging in coordinated and programmed workouts that are focused on the student athletes goals. 

Strength and Conditioning Academy

The Strength and Conditioning Academy welcomes all student athletes from multi sport disciplines focusing on sport specific strength, speed and agility and conditioning. These classes are open to all athletes from any discipline looking to get stronger, faster and increase their overall physical health.  Workouts will include strength and muscle conditioning, speed and endurance in addition to explosive movements agility and flexibility. 


1006 East Draper Parkway Draper UTAH